#WONDERschools Blog Tour

The wonderful publicists at Random House Children’s Books were inspired by all of the talk of teachers using Wonder by R.J. Palacio in the classroom, and created the #WONDERschools Blog Tour running October 1-9, with a very special post on October 10th on R.J. Palacio’s own website in celebration of Auggie’s birthday and also to honor “Unity Day” as part of Bullying Prevention Month.

So what are we, as a Sister Classroom, doing? Well, since both Mr. Wyzlic and Mrs. Heise’s classes will be sharing Wonder as a read aloud this year, we knew we wanted to do something to connect these two classrooms of students to share in the experience of this book beyond the walls of their own classrooms.

The first thing we’ll be doing is launching our Sister Classroom wiki and having our students share their ideas about what they’re reading out there. We will use Wonder as a launching point for the wiki.

The second thing we’ll be doing is moving beyond our thoughts about the book and into what we can do to make things better. Thus, we’ll be having students create some kind of #choosekind public service announcements to share around their school and online.

We hope you’ll join in the #WONDERschools movement and use Wonder in your classrooms, too. We’re looking forward to the blog tour so we can see many more ways that teachers are sharing #thewonderofwonder with students this year!


2 thoughts on “#WONDERschools Blog Tour

  1. Would love to hear more (see more, too) about your #choosekind public service announcements! This sounds like a grand idea! Thanks for posting on the WONDER blog tour!

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